Sunday, 27 November 2011

NATO attack Pakistan,

The American led NATO and ISAF forces on Saturday attacked the Pakistan security forces two check posts in Mohmand agency killing at least 26 Pakistani troops including officers and wounded more than 12 others. The air machines of the NATO and the ISAF forces operating inside troubled Afghanistan under the US supervision, came deep into Salala area of Tehsil Baizai some 25 kilometers west of Ghalanai, the headquarters of the Mohmand agency Saturday early morning. The two security check posts were destroyed completely.

While the American embassy as well as the NATO and the ISAF spokesmen said they were investigating the matter, the government of Pakistan and high command of the Pakistan Army have taken strong exception to this naked aggression on part US led forces.

Reports say a few helicopters of the NATO and ISAF forces Saturday morning crossed into Mohmand agency from Afghanistan and struck Pakistan two security posts in Salala area in Tehsil Baizai Mohmand agency. The Check posts of the security forces were set up to stop the cross border violation and infiltration of terrorists from Afghanistan into Pakistani area.

The posts were located at the difficult hilly terrain but the Army troops rushed to the site of the attack and carried out rescue operation.

It would be pertinent to mention that this was not the first incident of its kind as the NATO and the ISAF off and on resort to border violations and have killed scores of innocent Pakistanis including men in a uniform in number of attacks particularly in Waziristan agencies in the past.

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